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Bollywood the major Hindu cinema hub for the Indian Hindi film industry. The Indian film industry including Bolly Wood has one of the largest film production rates in the world. Bollywood is India’s equivalent to Hollywood in the United States. Bolly-wood refers to Hindu movies created in Mumbai formerly known as Bombay. Indian bollywood films are one of the oldest and the largest cinematic industries in the world.

Bollywood movies are sometimes referred to as Masala films in India.

The famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's Indian fans in uproar over alleged bullying in Celebrity Big Brother 2007 the UK channel 4 show.

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Masala movies contain high drama,excellent coreography,romance,song & more.

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Many Bollywood films include singing and musical type attributes as well as some form of dance. Although most cannot be classified as musicals in the typical sense as they also include dramatic plot lines and many bollywood movies include complicated love affairs. Indian viewers expect a lot from their bollywood cinema experience, therefore many films from bolly-wood include dance, song, comedy, drama and a complex love story all in one movie. Although in recent years bollywood producers have been leaning slightly towards more westernised plot lines and film structures to keep up with the competition in the worldwide film market.

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